VOID: Playtest Kit

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Hello, VOID Fans!

In this post you will find five documents (IN RED) needed to begin playtesting VOID with your own friends and fellow gamers. We would like to thank Stephen B. Sonne for continuing to help us edit and prepare these materials. We could not have gotten this far without his insight and help! All in all, we hope that everything is clearly written and understandable, but if not so, then please feel free to ask questions!

1. VOID Character Sheet

The Character Sheet is the essential element for any player in the game of VOID. You can use the Character Creation Guide and the other documents in this post to build your character. On your Character Sheet, you will find on the last page areas for Specializations and Techniques. Do not worry about these while play testing. We will have these expanded elements in the final Core Rulebook after editing is completed.

2.  VOID Action Counter Sheet

The Action Counter Sheet is to help characters function smoothly in an interactive combat scenario. We recommend using this and some form of token to help during combat. You can find details  of how to best utilize this sheet in our Actions Explained document.

3. Player’s Guide

This is a section of the Core Rulebook to help you play the game of VOID. This includes our character creation information, how to form your background/motivations, detailed information on the 7 Races, how to engage in Combat, how Traits are defined, and the basics of Sorcery. Advanced combat options have currently been removed as they are still being edited. Regardless, you will still find plenty to keep you entertained for hours.

4. Beasts and Bounty

In this section (also pulled from the Core Rulebook) you will find the currency system, information on equipping characters, weapons and armor, and the basic adventuring gear. You will also find 10 of the 22 monsters and a large variety of animals in the game!

5. VOID Playtest Feedback Form

Lastly, we are including our feedback form. If you choose to playtest, we would really appreciate having each person of the group fill out the form so that we can continue to improve VOID. Tell us what you like and what you don’t like. If we receive these soon enough, we may be able to make continued adjustments before the Core Rulebook is completed. It is likely we will give everyone a couple months and release the full book this summer to have time to get some feedback.


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Kickstarter Cancellation


It is time to look at ending our Kickstarter. We are forced to face the reality that our Kickstarter cannot succeed based upon the last week. Therefore, we will be canceling the VOID project today (03.15.14) at 6:00 PM CST.

Although we are certainly sad to see our vision for VOID not come to life, we remain invested in what we set out to do, which is to create something that we could stand behind and give back to the RPG community. As such, we plan to finish a final revision of our Core Rule Book and release it on our website for those that wish to play it. We will also put up our playtest response sheets so that we can continue to amend the rules to ensure the best experience possible for those that wish to play the game.

We cannot express fully how appreciative we are of all those that have supported us as we worked on this project. In this process, we have made lasting connections and friendships that cannot be weighed against the success of the project. We would be amiss if we did not recognize the investment of the community, illustrator, editor, and friends that have put time, energy, and financial support into this project. It is for these reasons that we cannot simply let the project fade. Please continue to follow our website ( for updates regarding the PDF release.

Our most heartfelt thanks extends to all of you as we consider the next stage of our journey, whether we will eventually relaunch our Kickstarter to complete core illustrations or move on to our next game. Thank you for your support!



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VOID RPG – Free Flow Sorcery Basics Explained

Here is a quick overview of some of the basics of the sorcery system. We will uploading this to the Kickstarter shortly



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Kickstarter Update – Raise Your Tankard and Cheer

Hello Voiders (I always wanted to say that)!

With 19 day left of the campaign, we are honestly not where we would like to be to feel comfortable. With 33% of the campaign completed, we are sitting around 18% funding to complete the illustrations for VOID. We are finding that we are incredibly limited in the PR area, since we are 2 guys managing everything. Luckily, we have had some great support in spreading word from loyal backers and followers of this blog!!

svetWith that being said, we are excited that we have passed the $1000 mark on the Kickstarter campaign!! There is still plenty of time to raise the full funds, but we will likely need the support of our backers to help us reach the final goal.

We are humbly requesting assistance to doing what you can to spread the word. Every dollar literally helps! Remember Kickstarter does not withdraw money unless we meet our funding. The video explaining how Kickstarter works is at the bottom of our Project Page in case you are unaware.

We would like to share that we did have another interview completed HERE. It was wonderful meeting with Krazy Ivan and answering some of his very difficult questions.

We will have some other interviews hopefully posted this week! We will keep you updated as they become available.


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Ghartha, The Tomb-World III


Check out these posts on Ghartha, gamers. Excellent stuff!

Originally posted on Role Play Craft:

In this part of the Ghartha series, I wanted to explore Ghartha through the classic class system of Dungeons and Dragons. Essentially, I wanted to list each class and describe how something like that might fit into the world. Sometimes the fit is seamless, and other times some edges needed smoothing. I also wanted to talk a bit more about magic before talking about how the classes of D&D fit into Ghartha. If you want to use this world without a D&D system, by all means do so! This post might, however, give you a good idea about some of the peoples and characters you might find in the tomb-world.

My next post later in the week I think I’m going to talk a bit more about how people survive in the eternal darkness of Ghartha. tl:dr: glow sticks!

350px-Tovenaarsleerling_S_Barth(Illustration from around 1882 by S. Barth)

Ghartha, the Tomb-World III

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Demo Battle – VOID RPG

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VOID RPG Kickstarter

VOID RPG Kickstarter


A very well executed review on the game, including pros and cons. We are excited to see an article that holds us to live up to what we have claimed. Thanks, R.P.G.!!

Originally posted on R.P.G. (Runkle Plays Games):

VOID Tabletop Roleplaying Game is a new kickstarter moving into their sixth day today.  I first heard of VOID last month and have been looking forward to seeing their upcoming Kick.  This project currently has 25 days to go and has picked up about 21 backers in the first few days. After looking over the project I think it will get a lot more in the days and weeks to come.  But why ?
First of it passes the elevator test. Sum up your game in ten seconds or less.  VOID is a gritty, realistic, old-school fantasy PnP RPG with interactive combat, free flow sorcery, classless system, and simple mechanics. This by itself has me wanting to know more.

Thankfully the creators of VOID did not stop there.  VOID is its own world with roots and inspiration pulled from our own.  Slavic, Mediterranean, and Middle-Eastern mythology with a strong nod to…

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Did Anyone Know It Was Thursday?

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This has been an exhausting week! Although we barely know what day it is, we wanted to wish everyone a good evening and an excellent weekend. We have made some excellent connections and some lasting friendships through this experience. That is worth more than anything!

We are going to do some interviews this weekend, and schedule some more for the week. We are also working on a couple of surprises that we are very excited to tell you about (hopefully, by Sunday). We have 29 backers currently at around $627. We are still below our targeted goal but we are hoping that we get back on track this week. We are truly hopeful that we can reach the funding goal so that we can move forward! We don’t know about you guys, but we are ready to get back to some flash fiction!!!

We cannot say it enough. Thank all of you for your support, thoughts, and considerations for us. We each are likely suffering from a Sanity drain and could potentially use a potion to get back on track. Thanks to those that have helped spread the word about the project. We will be in touch!

For now, we have to find a pillow and a blanket. It will be nice to sleep for more than 3 or 4 hours.


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VOID RPG on Kickstarter Featuring Classless And Freeflowing Sorcery System

VOID RPG on Kickstarter Featuring Classless And Freeflowing Sorcery System


I wonderful post and review from our friends at Initiative: Tabletop! Be sure to follow them for great information on any Tabletop Game!

Originally posted on Initiative : Tabletop:


Launched recently on Kickstarter, VOID RPG brings a unique twist to the tabletop world. VOID RPG features a classless system, allowing players to play the character by motive, rather than being restricted by class and endless number crunching. In addition, the free flowing sorcery system allows players to make up their own spells that fit the scenario, with player’s imagination being the only limitation. Slavic, Mediterranean, and Middle-Easten mythology and folklore come together in VOID RPG, a world that has been in development for the last decade!

In VOID RPG, you will belong to one of seven races inhabiting Aenar. The mechanics in this game were streamlined so that players won’t spend long periods of time flipping through rulebooks for clarification.  The four characteristics of Strength, Agility, Mental, and Sorcery define a character, allowing players to combine any of these. These traits contribute to the two main pools of life…

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Call to Arms – VOID Kickstarter




We currently have 19 backers and over $500 dollars towards completion on our Kickstarter Project in 4 days! This has been due to the great support of our WordPress community and Facebook community. We are looking forward to having more communities join us as we attempt to complete funding to finish the illustrations for the free PDF.

Featured Image -- 552

With 26 days left, we realize that we need to make some major strides to meet our funding goal, especially if we want to consider the current stretch goals [as well as those that we have not yet posted]. With nearly 250 followers on our blog, we are asking the community from WordPress to help us continue to spread the word! We are hoping that with such a great community, we can really make this project succeed!


Stay tuned this week for some exciting interviews coming up! We will continue to provide updates for VOID Tabletop Roleplaying Game!


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