Drada’s Story – Fan Fiction #4

01 Nov

[After nearly destroying the bear, Drada is suddenly faced with a Stuhia that calls himself Broheir. The man indicated that it is his duty to protect the Dyndaer from those that bring it harm, and therefore intends to prevent Drada from carrying out her quest of finding the name of death.]

Drada gripped the parnach and eyeballed Broheir. The Stuhia had not appeared to flinch a muscle. With a battle cry, Drada raised her weapon and attempted to charge at the half-naked man.

Before she had taken two steps, a thick green, vine sprang from the trees and gripped her wrist that held her weapon. In shock, she dropped the parnach as a second vine twisted around her other arm. As expected two more tore through the ground and wrapped around her ankles, holding her tight. Drada jerked and twisted her body in attempts to free herself, but the grip of the plants were much too strong.

Broheir kneeled to the bear, placing his hand upon the creatures. The bear groaned in pain, its life slipping away. “I told you that you would die.”

Drada grunted in frustration.

Broheir put his other hand upon the forest floor. Red energy materialized in the form of light beneath his hand that laid against the ground, while his hand upon the bear glowed a dark yellowish color. Nearby, a tree began to wilt and die. At the same time, the bear’s jaw realigned and the cut upon its side began to mend. This Stuhia was able to transfer the energy from living thing to another, miraculously healing the injured animal. Drada could do very little but gasp in amazement. This sorcery was not seen among the Uvil.

As the bear regained its strength, Drada’s attention turned to the vine at her ankle that began to jerk and vibrate as though someone were tugging at it. She stared in amazement as the vine began to tear away in the center as though it were being cut through. In a matter of moments, the vine snapped and her foot was freed.

“Wha – “

“Quiet!” a shrill voice shrieked from below.

Drada sprang her eyes to the Stuhia who continued to heal the bear. He had not taken notice.

When Drada looked to her opposite ankle that was nearly freed, she noticed a small face form in thin air. Looking up at her was a hideous little face, crimson in color. The eyes were offset on either side of a hooked nose that stretched over thin lips. The ears were long and pointed over the tops of a small head, barely bigger than that of a child’s. The creature grinned creepily as it continued to cut through the vine.

“You will be free soon enough. Just stay quiet or Broheir will hear – “

“Wrylyc! What are you doing?”

The creature known as Wrylyc fully appeared, squating on his knees in green and brown clothes that were not much more than rags. He was no bigger than a child! The makeshift knife that he held in his hand quickly cut through the vine around Drada’s other ankle.

Without responding to Broheir, Wrylyc simply grinned a mischevious grin and did a little somersault on the ground, placing himself between the Stuhia and Uvil. He jumped and twisted around toward Drada. In a fluid movement, two knives were flung from his hands and simultaneously cut through the two vines that held her hands.

“Wrylyc!” Broheir screamed.

Wrylyc stuck his tongue out at the Stuhia and disappeared once more from sight.

Drada wasted no time grabbing her parnach from the ground, and stood to face Broheir and the bear that had been returned to full strength. She hoped that this Wrylyc had not gone far.

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