Action Counter Sheet

Check out the Actions Explained for details of Attack Actions (AA) and Counter Attack Actions (CAA).

During game sessions, one of the best received elements of VOID has been the interactive combat system that allows players to take actions outside of their “turn” to impact the outcome of battle. There is nothing more engaging than to stop a foe from beating your front-line warrior to a pulp by firing a quick arrow to its chest. Not only would you potentially stop the chain of attacks from the beast with a deathblow, but you may have saved your ally from imminent death.

Battles in VOID flow back and forth between your allies and your enemies in a series of Attack Actions and Counter Attack Actions that are ever-changing, based on how you build your character. The number of actions you receive are dependent on your Strength and Sanity as well as the weapon that you wield. Warriors using light weapons can swing a series of blows, whereas the heavy handed hitters may only get a couple of good hits (but for increased damage). Each method has its pros and cons and allows players to build their characters uniquely.



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