Character Sheet

This VOID Character Sheet Revision has been used as a preliminary tool during test play rounds. It is likely that there will be many adjustments to make it more user-friendly and have a more artistic display. This will continue to be true as mechanics are tweaked to provide the best gaming experience while playing VOID.

The first page of the character sheet currently has information about the basics of your character creation that is similar to other tabletop games (e.g. name, gender, age, religion, etc.). There are also areas for your list of equipment/supplies, currency, and your mount (if you choose to have one). Specialized areas for VOID include a section for Motivations and Belt Slots. Motivations outline your character’s perception of the world around them and their place. This completely replaces typical concepts of good/evil and law/chaos, but you can continue to choose to play these paradigms. The core rule book offers a full chapter on writing a back story for your character, developing motivations, and other specifics (height, weight, etc.). Belt Slots are also explained in detail in the core rule book, offering players an opportunity to have specialized items to pull as a Free Action during combat (including potions and light weapons).

The second page of the character sheet is all about combat. Here, it is evident that there are two life pools, Stamina and Sanity, for your character in VOID. Combat is centralized around these themes, allowing your character to focus on attacking the body, the mind, or a combination of the two. Defenses are separated in a similar fashion. Again, the core rule book provides all the information for the specifics of this combat system.

The last page of the character sheet is the fundamental building block of your character and the mechanics system. Here, you will find the four Traits that define your character in the world, including Strength, Agility, Mental, and Sorcery. Each of these Traits unlock your ability to use certain weapons or armor, and provide bonuses when rolling your dice. There is also an extra section here for specializations and techniques that are advanced options for character building..


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