The human race, called the Anshedar or Highborn, traveled across the L’saurian Pass into Marharia from the ancient island of Kalamaar. In the years that followed, these men were divided into four separate kingdoms: Kingdom of Tamarri, Kingdom of Lonmere, Kingdom of Gaetana, and the Kingdom of Ariadne. In the passing centuries, the masses of humans ceased to be known as the Anshedar and referred to themselves as the Northmen.


The Kingdom of Tamarri stretches across the far northeast. The inhabitants reign over the lands of their ancestors and can still see the ancient homeland of Kalamaar across the gap of the L’saurian Pass. Those within the Kingdom of Tamarri are more likely to consider themselves Anshedar instead of Northmen due to their close binds to their ancient lands. The Kingdom of Tamarri borders Strega’s Deep, the vast ocean with depths without volume, to the north and east. The cloudy waters are deceptive without any hint of ending. To the south and west of the Kingdom of Tamarri is the Hyaendi Hills, which are home to the barbaric centaurs, the Svet. Conflicts between the Kingdom of Tamarri and the Svet have been consistent since humankind entered the North.


The Kingdom of Lonmere is locked in the northwest of Marharia. The men and women are primarily seafaring folk with their major city locked between the mountains and the ocean. The people within this Kingdom are considered strange folk to live so close to the dark mountain range of the west, which are said to contain perilous paths to the Beyond and the Netherworld. To the south are several roads that lead through lengthy grasslands to the other Kingdoms of Marharia. The people of Lonmere rarely leave their northern holding, enclosed by their protective stone walls, cloaked in thick ice and heavy snow.


The Kingdom of Gaetana is the largest kingdom in Marharia, primarily consisting of the flowing grasslands that are named after the Kingdom. The Kingdom of Gaetana stretches from the mountains of the west, the Shade Fells, to the enigmatic forest to the east, the Dyndaer, and then to the Kalinov Desert in the south. The people of this kingdom are blessed with luxury, and are known to imprint their own beliefs onto the surrounding Kingdoms of Marharia. It is known that the men and women of Gaetana will often aid in battles against the Svet, but have recently faced new threats against the Uvil that have arisen from Haemus Mons.


The Kingdom of Ariadne is primarily based in the southern portion of the Dyndaer, and is considered one of the most furtive races of man. Deep within the forest, the Kingdom of Ariadne is surrounded by ruins that are laced with legend and lore of ancient deeds. Remarkable creatures stretch through the woods, keeping most adventuring parties, mercenaries, and traders outside the borders of their realm. The boundaries of the Kingdom are marked by a river to the west, near the Kalinov Desert, and Strega’s Deep to the east. To the north and south is the ever-reaching Dyndaer, considered to be a blanket of protection to insiders and outsiders alike.

[Please see Maps for reference.]


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