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Kickstarter Update – Raise Your Tankard and Cheer

Hello Voiders (I always wanted to say that)!

With 19 day left of the campaign, we are honestly not where we would like to be to feel comfortable. With 33% of the campaign completed, we are sitting around 18% funding to complete the illustrations for VOID. We are finding that we are incredibly limited in the PR area, since we are 2 guys managing everything. Luckily, we have had some great support in spreading word from loyal backers and followers of this blog!!

svetWith that being said, we are excited that we have passed the $1000 mark on the Kickstarter campaign!! There is still plenty of time to raise the full funds, but we will likely need the support of our backers to help us reach the final goal.

We are humbly requesting assistance to doing what you can to spread the word. Every dollar literally helps! Remember Kickstarter does not withdraw money unless we meet our funding. The video explaining how Kickstarter works is at the bottom of our Project Page in case you are unaware.

We would like to share that we did have another interview completed HERE. It was wonderful meeting with Krazy Ivan and answering some of his very difficult questions.

We will have some other interviews hopefully posted this week! We will keep you updated as they become available.


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Did Anyone Know It Was Thursday?

Featured Image -- 557

This has been an exhausting week! Although we barely know what day it is, we wanted to wish everyone a good evening and an excellent weekend. We have made some excellent connections and some lasting friendships through this experience. That is worth more than anything!

We are going to do some interviews this weekend, and schedule some more for the week. We are also working on a couple of surprises that we are very excited to tell you about (hopefully, by Sunday). We have 29 backers currently at around $627. We are still below our targeted goal but we are hoping that we get back on track this week. We are truly hopeful that we can reach the funding goal so that we can move forward! We don’t know about you guys, but we are ready to get back to some flash fiction!!!

We cannot say it enough. Thank all of you for your support, thoughts, and considerations for us. We each are likely suffering from a Sanity drain and could potentially use a potion to get back on track. Thanks to those that have helped spread the word about the project. We will be in touch!

For now, we have to find a pillow and a blanket. It will be nice to sleep for more than 3 or 4 hours.


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Call to Arms – VOID Kickstarter




We currently have 19 backers and over $500 dollars towards completion on our Kickstarter Project in 4 days! This has been due to the great support of our WordPress community and Facebook community. We are looking forward to having more communities join us as we attempt to complete funding to finish the illustrations for the free PDF.

Featured Image -- 552

With 26 days left, we realize that we need to make some major strides to meet our funding goal, especially if we want to consider the current stretch goals [as well as those that we have not yet posted]. With nearly 250 followers on our blog, we are asking the community from WordPress to help us continue to spread the word! We are hoping that with such a great community, we can really make this project succeed!


Stay tuned this week for some exciting interviews coming up! We will continue to provide updates for VOID Tabletop Roleplaying Game!


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Balvoc’s Story – Flash Fiction #7

Weeks turned into months. Balvoc trekked across the desert and into the grasslands of northern Marharia. Frequently, he released the pigeons and followed them until he no longer could hold the pace. The land became more familiar as he raced across the landscape. He knew this world. He knew the North.

Balvoc released another pigeon with the rising of the sun. It fluttered into the air and flapped its wings to the Northwest. Balvoc followed. The pigeon only flew for about half an hour before Balvoc saw it land in the distance over a small hill.

He had found the place. Now, if only Maruda was alive. He hoped that Rujan, the God of War and Glory, blessed him this day

Balvoc was aware that the Svet were not known for their stealth, so he did not even try to sneak upon the base camp over the hill. With a snarl, he raced towards the hill. His labrys was clutched in his right hand and the crossbow loaded in his left.

As he climbed the hill, his vision fell on the makeshift camp near an outline of scattered trees. Five Anshedar men sat around the fire, eating their morning meal and laughing heartily. Their bedrolls were still scattered about the area. Their weapons were nowhere near their hand.

Balvoc’s eyes laid upon Maruda. She was down on her knees, collapsed on the ground, weak and thinner than he had ever seen her. Her dark skin was pale. Maruda’s head was dipped towards the ground as though she barely had the strength to lift it. The female Svet heaved and coughed as though sickness had been with her for weeks without remedy.

His wife was alive!

A deep-seeded roar unleashed from his throat, deeper than the dark caverns of the Kras, deeper than the depths of the Netherworld. He bolted down the hill with full intent of laying waste to the human scum.

“Maruda!” he cried. “For glory!”

The Anshedar threw their heads up about the same time that he released the bolt from the crossbow. It tore into the neck of the man on the left, causing him to spew his breakfast to the ground with the blood that erupted from his mouth.

“To arms!” One cried.

And already, Balvoc was upon him with unmatched speed against the two-legged fools that dared cross the centaur. Balvoc hit the first man that stood with his horns, crunching bone, and laying him back down. His feet trampled the man as he swung the labrys towards another. The weapon hit its mark with deadly accuracy, slicing through the underbelly. The Anshedar’s guts spilled like spoiled wine across the green grasses of the northland.

Another human managed to grip his sword, and came at Bulvac with full force. The centaur dropped his crossbow and grabbed the man’s arm that swung the weapon. He pulled the man off his feet, dislocating the arm, and sunk his sharpened fangs into the man’s face with the ferocity of a savage beast. His cries were cut short before the weapon clanged upon the ground.

“Die, Svet!” the last Anshedar screamed, firing a bolt into Balvoc’s stomach.

Bulvac resounded in pain, jerking the sharp projectile from his body, and stamping towards the ignorant pile of sheepdip. He raised the labrys and ran the man through before he could nock another arrow.

“Balvoc,” Maruda whispered faintly.

Balvoc fell to his wife’s side, his touch grazing by the severed fingers of her hand, and touching her face with the gentleness of a falling leaf, “I’m here, my love. I’m here.”


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Balvoc’s Story – Flash Fiction #6

Balvoc jerked on the ground. He did not know how long he had been unconscious. His body ached and he barely enough strength to open his eyes under the blistering sun. His lips were cracked, completely dried out. His flesh stung with the burning wounds that layered him from hoof to chest. He groaned miserably.

He took note that the world was silent outside of the hollowing wind that pressed against his eardrums in the mid-afternoon heat. He had expected the Lilitu to come crashing down upon him at any moment, to tear him to shreds. The Svet would never leave an enemy to die of their own accord. Balvoc would have assured that his enemy was dead!

He found himself lucky that the Lilitu were not as thorough.

With his eyes shut, he reached to his belt for another potion to give him the boost he needed to continue the journey. The red liquid slid down his throat with ease, his mind having the general effect of being clouded. He hated the sensation, but the lacerations on his body immediately were given relief.

“Maruda,” he muttered gruffly, a gentle reminder of why he struggled. It was why he lived. His beloved needed him.

As his vision cleared, and his strength returned, Balvoc looked around the landscape for the deadly Lilitu that had attacked him. It did not take long for him to realize that he stood alone. They had truly left him, already thinking him to be dead. They obviously were not familiar with the resilience of the Svet. He had the impulse to seek revenge against the spineless seafarers of the south, to rip them limb from limb and taste their blood on his lips. But, Maruda had to come first.

“I am coming for you, Maruda.”

Balvoc was glad to see that the pigeons had been left at his side. He took one gently from the large cage and set it loose into the air. It flew furiously to the northwest. He gathered his weapons with a snort, his ears flipping irritably at the situation.

With what strength he had, he galloped after the pigeon. His tale was not yet done!


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FREE RPG? – Announcement

A Big Thank You

Hello everyone! First I wanted to send a personal thank you to every one of our early supporters for VOID Tabletop Roleplaying Game. With the amount of emails and comments we’ve received over the past several months, it is exciting to see that there are still so many people excited about new tabletop games and what is offered through such experiences. We knew there was a large crowd that wanted this game as much as we do. So, thank you, from the entire team, on getting this show started on the right path!

The Direction of VOID

After much discussion, it is our intent to release the final core rulebook of VOID Tabletop Roleplaying Game as a free PDF to all those that wish to have access to it. This essentially will make the game free to the world to be able to play the game. We approached this project as an opportunity to play a game that we enjoy, and we want to be able to share that with the people that have supported us and those that enjoy tabletop roleplaying games. It is still planned to have a hard copy of the book that can be purchased.

So, Why Kickstarter? What is the Purpose of Kickstarter Funding?

Our intent for the Kickstarter is not only to prove that there’s enough of a demand for VOID, but to primarily fund the illustrations to create an amazing rulebook. No one wants to read text upon text and chart upon chart without being drawn into the world full of beautiful artwork. If we can get to the goal [still to be set] we will have proved that and will have enough to get this game rolling and pave the way for future expansions! First and foremost, we wanted to make it possible to be completely crowd-funded so that you, the players, have more to do with what goes into the game.

Why the Change in Mentality?

This could easily be another post on its own in the near future. There are many things that have been learned through the process of building a game. The man hours that have been put into this project have been excessive, and we pat ourselves on the back for taking on such a feat. However, as we have continued play-testing, we have found that there are additional mechanics that we need to balance to assure the success of this game. This is currently being done and will take more time than we had thought, and are still determined to perfect the game before releasing it (free or otherwise). Unfortunately, this means that the Kickstarter date of March 01, 2014 may be unattainable. We will keep everyone updated with that! We hope that individuals will be excited to crowd-fund a game that has the intent of being free for the players. We will continue to expand the site to give more information about its development!

What About Future Play-Testing?

We have received some e-mails on future play-testing, including online with fans. This is still the plan and we will be responding to these individuals shortly to begin scheduling a time to play VOID. We appreciate the inquiries we have received! Keep them coming at!


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Balvoc’s Story – Flash Fiction #5

The sound of the Lilitu soldiers pursuing Balvoc kept him moving forward, though he knew that he could not maintain the pace much longer. His blood pounded in his ears and his throat was sandpaper. The frantically cooing pigeons on his rump made it impossible for him to hide. He had little choice in how this would play out.

He cocked his head listening. He had, perhaps, enough time to catch his breath before they were upon him, and he had to prepare himself. Balvoc had managed to find a recess in the earth, hard rock that set his back to a column of red stone nearly thirty spans in diameter. The recess at its based looked as though it occasionally held water, though now it was bone dry.

With that thought, he quickly pulled up a skin and drank from it before returning it. He then removed the pigeons from his back, setting them gently on the ground as if the grey and white birds were Maruda. For Balvoc, in many ways, they were. His face, softened for a moment, before turning stony as he hefted an arbalest from his side, knocking a bolt in the heavy crossbow. His other hand swung free his axe, leaning the labrys against his side before he aimed the crossbow over the ridge of the recess.

And then the Lilitu were upon him. The bolt flew from the arbalest with deadly accuracy, taking the first soldier from his feet as he topped the ridge, taking him beyond sight. Balvoc hefted his labrys and snarled as he charged them. The mighty weapon whirled about his head and the Lilitu visibly blanched as his onslaught.

The first few died before they could more than start at his anger, fear gripping them as he howled for blood. The other sought to slow him, but his rage filled him and he shrugged away their feeble attempts to take away his mobility and strength. The blows that landed stung, but his armor helped to reduce their impact, though the Lilitu armor could do little against his heavy blows. Even if the blade did not cut their armor, the force of the blow shattered the insides of the Lilitu.

More than half a dozen lay dead around him before he noticed that they had regrouped atop the hill. Another Lilitu stood among those atop the ridge with raised hands and a roiling mass of sand and fire grew from the ground in a rapidly widening arc that threatened to sweep Balvoc from his feet and burn him to ash all at once. With a snarl, he charged at the wave of sand and fire, some of the sand fusing to glass, glimmering with razor-sharp deadliness. He leapt with all of his strength to clear the wave, and the Lilitu smiled.

With a twitch, his fingers burst open and the wave beneath Balvoc exploded, sending fire and glass into his underbelly, the sand and glass fused to his flesh.

Balvoc screamed.


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Drada’s Story – Flash Fiction #9

[The battle with the myling had ceased, and Drada was no closer to identifying the name of death. Wrylyc sat on the edge of the bog, curiously staring at the muck and waiting for the Uvil to surface.]

Blood mixed with the grime and mud oozed from the depths of the bog. Drada was not completely dead, but she was close to it. She sank beneath the surface of the swampy waters. Her armor was shredded at the back, her flesh was torn, and her blood seeped outward from her body. She struggled for her life, attempting to kick her legs but any strength she may have had was gone. Drada was left in her last moments only with her thoughts.

The Speaker had commanded that she come find the name of death in the Dyndaer. Hundreds of miles she had traveled only to fail in the task. Death would reach her people and reign terror on her lands. She was Uvil. She was not allowed to fail. And yet…her life slipped away before she had done her deed.

Realizing that death neared, Drada carefully wrapped her fingers around the Linga that hung about her neck, similar to the one she had helped Eryet swallow. Carefully, she pulled it loose from her neck, placed it in her mouth, and swallowed – along with the slime of the swamp. At least, she still had the muscle to down the Linga. She did not want to become the dreaded Preta. She did not cry. There was no time for tears. No time for sorrow. She was Uvil. She would die with honor.

Her last breathe escaped her lips…her eyes fluttered…

Something in the water moved.

Drada jerked to keep her eyes open, peering into the depths of darkness. Her lungs burned, having nothing to breath but the gunge.

Drada’s vision blurred as something stirred again in front of her.

Two large yellow eyes approached that were shrouded in greasy black hair. At first, Drada thought it was a fish of sorts, seeing a scaled tail smoothly moving to and fro behind the medium beast. The tail alone was nearly as long as her own body.

She struggled to maintain consciousness. Hope was not the Uvil way. It was an emotion of weakness that gave an indication of unknowing. The Uvil were confident in their actions. Yet, in the face of death, Drada found herself considering the thought of rescue. She pushed it from her mind as quickly as it had surfaced. The Uvil embraced death and did not flee from its embrace. She would die honorably!

Suddenly, a woman’s face peered back at her. It was beautiful. Golden eyes. Smooth skin. The creature grabbed Drada and pulled her close. The fish tail that made up the bottom half of the woman wrapped around Drada’s body. The upper half of the creature was a woman, having the same features as Drada herself. She was pressed against the creatures breasts, forced to look into the yellow, round eyes.

The creature tore away the kamri that covered Drada’s face. The cloth slowly gained weight, sinking past Drada’s feet. Drada stared helplessly into the creature’s mesmerizing eyes.

With Drada’s bluish skin exposed, the creature opened its fanged mouth and quickly tore into Drada’s cheek, ripping a chunk from her flesh. Drada silently screamed, gurgling blood.

The world went black.


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Drada’s Story – Flash Fiction #3

[Drada stands face to face with a giant bear in the mysterious Dyndaer. With her companion, Eryet, already dead, she stands alone.]

The bear shuffled forward on its two feet and roared again at the Uvil woman, displaying its gigantic teeth. Drada did not budge, refusing to be intimidated by this ignorant beast.

“Come at me…” she hissed through her bared teeth. The Uvil were a superior race of people and did not bend to any man, beast or otherwise. As if the bear had heard her invitation, it dropped to all fours and charged. The bundle of muscle and fur barreled towards her with the intent to kill.

Drada was at a disadvantage in the wooded terrain, but she calculated this in her movement. The bear swiped with massive claws, but she was too fast. Where her neck had been only a moment before, it snapped down with fanged teeth. Already on her toes, Drada sidestepped and ducked and swatted away the bear’s attacks with her sovnya. Drada moved so spectacularly that it appeared she had been raised in the forest all her life instead the barren lands of the desert. The blade grazed the bears fur, leaving but a scratch on the skin of the ferocious beast. It roared in frustration at the smaller Uvil, but did not take the hint of the deadly weapon.

Drada rolled to the side and directed the sovnya by the butt of the staff, slicing the blade upwards against the bear’s side. Blood spilled. The creature bellowed in pain and stood once more to its full height.

The cut was not deep enough to lay loose its insides. The bear growled as it took its turn with an attack, hitting the sovna and tearing it free from Drada’s grasp. The weapon was flung into the foliage and quickly was hidden from sight. Drada did not bother looking for it, wasting no time in pulling loose her parnach from her belt. She stepped in close and swung her mace weapon into the thick leg of the bear. A kneecap cracked and the bear collapsed, swinging its clawed paw wildly at Drada as it fell. The strength of the Uvil was impressive compared to the large beast. Drada was in control now and had nothing more to fear from this beast. She struck the animal again across the jaw, breaking the bone. The animal cried in pain, desperately trying to fend off the more intelligent Uvil.

As Drada lifted her weapon to finish the bear for certain, a strong gust of wind flung Drada backwards, causing her to roll across the ground and into the base of a nearby tree. The wind was knocked from her lungs, but she was conscious. Even without breath, she sprang back to her feet to face the attacker.

In front of her stood a man. Oddly enough, his face was hidden by what appeared to be a thick, red membrane that went from the top of his skull to the base of his chin and clung to his face like wet cloth. However, this is not what struck Drada as strange. She gasped as she realized that the man was entirely naked outside of the makeshift cloak of animal skin and leaves that was slung over his shoulders.

The man raised his finger towards the Uvil threateningly, his mouth moving and words muffled beneath the red caul, “What right do you have to hurt the creatures in my forest?”

Drada recognized the common language of the Anshedar, although this man obviously was not a Highborn, and adjusted her speech accordingly, “As much right as the creature has to hurt me.”

The man sneered, “You step into its home. As a stranger, you have no right!”

Drada gripped the parnach in her hand, “Are you its protector? What are you?”

“I am called Broheir. I am Stuhia. I protect the Dyndaer from any that would cause it or its inhabitants harm…It is no matter. You have demonstrated your intention. Prepare to die.”

Drada had never heard of the Stuhia before, but she did know one thing. If she truly was going to die, it would be with honor through battle. “I’ve been prepared for death since my birthing. I know the color of my blood, Broheir. Let us find the color of yours, Stuhia.”

Broheir remained quiet, seemingly at ease in front of the woman. Considering that Drada had quickly bested the beast, this could only suggest that the man was extremely powerful or extremely foolish. Considering that Broheir was flaunting himself suggested the latter. Drada could only think that a few whacks to the Stuhia’s skull would set him right or set him free from his madness.


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Into Dungeon’s Deep We Tread

It has been a very productive weekend. We received our initial concept for our map from our cartographer, Josephe Vandel. Josephe Vandel has experience helping with several other gaming projects and Kickstarter projects, including Arcknight Fantasy Maps, Wreck-Age Tabletop, and Quick and Dirty Maptuturials. It is hoped to have our own world map available for viewers soon, but we are very pleased with the initial concept of the world. We have also been in contact with Joanna Barnum, who has been working steadfast on our character concepts and preparing other images for Kickstarter. We could not be more pleased with her very talented artistic skills in making our world come to life.

We would like to point out that a new race [and the final race] of our world has been completed. The last race is called the Lilitu and a brief blurb about them can be found on our Races page. We will give updates as we continue to modify/update this page with information. There have been talks regarding how much information should be released in this initial book regarding the world history, races, and so forth and how much of the book must be dedicated to mechanics. It seems that much of this will have to do with the amount of funds raised on Kickstarter. We continue to determine the best launch date, and are hoping to make that announcement shortly.

In preparation for releasing Kickstarter, we are scheduling meetings with our consultant, setting up rewards and stretch goals, and going through the grueling task of setting up our own small business / partnership. This is a learning process in itself. We have a 200 page document just in our state that reviews the guidelines and rules involved in this process.

Lastly, you have probably noticed that we have started another Fan Fiction with Drada as the primary character in the story. The entire story will be found here as it is updated. It is our plan to place a new installment about every other day to continue to give a feel for the world and the many different characters. You will notice that we are starting to incorporate our own weapon lists and armor lists into these stories. This was roughly defined during Seigfeld’s Story, but was not quite ready to be used openly. As we work on completing our Equipment chapter in the core rulebook, we feel much more comfortable sharing tidbits of the wide variety of unique weapons and armor.

We hope that you all are enjoying immensely! In the meantime, we are heading back into the dungeon and getting back to work!



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