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VOID: Playtest Kit

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Hello, VOID Fans!

In this post you will find five documents (IN RED) needed to begin playtesting VOID with your own friends and fellow gamers. We would like to thank Stephen B. Sonne for continuing to help us edit and prepare these materials. We could not have gotten this far without his insight and help! All in all, we hope that everything is clearly written and understandable, but if not so, then please feel free to ask questions!

1. VOID Character Sheet

The Character Sheet is the essential element for any player in the game of VOID. You can use the Character Creation Guide and the other documents in this post to build your character. On your Character Sheet, you will find on the last page areas for Specializations and Techniques. Do not worry about these while play testing. We will have these expanded elements in the final Core Rulebook after editing is completed.

2.  VOID Action Counter Sheet

The Action Counter Sheet is to help characters function smoothly in an interactive combat scenario. We recommend using this and some form of token to help during combat. You can find details  of how to best utilize this sheet in our Actions Explained document.

3. Player’s Guide

This is a section of the Core Rulebook to help you play the game of VOID. This includes our character creation information, how to form your background/motivations, detailed information on the 7 Races, how to engage in Combat, how Traits are defined, and the basics of Sorcery. Advanced combat options have currently been removed as they are still being edited. Regardless, you will still find plenty to keep you entertained for hours.

4. Beasts and Bounty

In this section (also pulled from the Core Rulebook) you will find the currency system, information on equipping characters, weapons and armor, and the basic adventuring gear. You will also find 10 of the 22 monsters and a large variety of animals in the game!

5. VOID Playtest Feedback Form

Lastly, we are including our feedback form. If you choose to playtest, we would really appreciate having each person of the group fill out the form so that we can continue to improve VOID. Tell us what you like and what you don’t like. If we receive these soon enough, we may be able to make continued adjustments before the Core Rulebook is completed. It is likely we will give everyone a couple months and release the full book this summer to have time to get some feedback.


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Kickstarter Update – Raise Your Tankard and Cheer

Hello Voiders (I always wanted to say that)!

With 19 day left of the campaign, we are honestly not where we would like to be to feel comfortable. With 33% of the campaign completed, we are sitting around 18% funding to complete the illustrations for VOID. We are finding that we are incredibly limited in the PR area, since we are 2 guys managing everything. Luckily, we have had some great support in spreading word from loyal backers and followers of this blog!!

svetWith that being said, we are excited that we have passed the $1000 mark on the Kickstarter campaign!! There is still plenty of time to raise the full funds, but we will likely need the support of our backers to help us reach the final goal.

We are humbly requesting assistance to doing what you can to spread the word. Every dollar literally helps! Remember Kickstarter does not withdraw money unless we meet our funding. The video explaining how Kickstarter works is at the bottom of our Project Page in case you are unaware.

We would like to share that we did have another interview completed HERE. It was wonderful meeting with Krazy Ivan and answering some of his very difficult questions.

We will have some other interviews hopefully posted this week! We will keep you updated as they become available.


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Demo Battle – VOID RPG

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Did Anyone Know It Was Thursday?

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This has been an exhausting week! Although we barely know what day it is, we wanted to wish everyone a good evening and an excellent weekend. We have made some excellent connections and some lasting friendships through this experience. That is worth more than anything!

We are going to do some interviews this weekend, and schedule some more for the week. We are also working on a couple of surprises that we are very excited to tell you about (hopefully, by Sunday). We have 29 backers currently at around $627. We are still below our targeted goal but we are hoping that we get back on track this week. We are truly hopeful that we can reach the funding goal so that we can move forward! We don’t know about you guys, but we are ready to get back to some flash fiction!!!

We cannot say it enough. Thank all of you for your support, thoughts, and considerations for us. We each are likely suffering from a Sanity drain and could potentially use a potion to get back on track. Thanks to those that have helped spread the word about the project. We will be in touch!

For now, we have to find a pillow and a blanket. It will be nice to sleep for more than 3 or 4 hours.


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Call to Arms – VOID Kickstarter




We currently have 19 backers and over $500 dollars towards completion on our Kickstarter Project in 4 days! This has been due to the great support of our WordPress community and Facebook community. We are looking forward to having more communities join us as we attempt to complete funding to finish the illustrations for the free PDF.

Featured Image -- 552

With 26 days left, we realize that we need to make some major strides to meet our funding goal, especially if we want to consider the current stretch goals [as well as those that we have not yet posted]. With nearly 250 followers on our blog, we are asking the community from WordPress to help us continue to spread the word! We are hoping that with such a great community, we can really make this project succeed!


Stay tuned this week for some exciting interviews coming up! We will continue to provide updates for VOID Tabletop Roleplaying Game!


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Kickstarter Launched


Our Kickstarter has launched!!! You can find our campaign at (or you can click the Kickstarter image in the corner of the page)!

We welcome your support and your feedback as we begin the crowd-funding process for VOID Tabletop Roleplaying Game! Thank you so much for Tweeting, Facebook-ing, Reblogging, and all other forms of sharing our game with the world! We could not do this without you!

We have also updated the Flyer for any that would like to share it in your local gaming stores. We have had many post this already around the USA and would love to have additional support in spreading the word about our efforts with VOID.

We hope you enjoy our project page, reward levels, and are excited about our stretch goals!


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Is It Saturday Yet?

Uvil_finalThe anticipation for the release on Saturday is unreal! It is crazy to think that in just a few days the Kickstarter will be launched. The full video is uploaded, the infographics are created, the stretch goals are completed, the explanations are finalized, and the reward levels are listed. We hope that the community is excited for what we have put together. We do want to say that we are thrilled about the reward levels, as we fully bring fans into our world and gaming experience!!

The amount of time, energy, and so forth that has been put into this project has been beautifully spent. The only thing that has not happened – sleep! [We imagine that will not happen for a while still.]

As mentioned, we are launching the game Saturday evening. You may wonder what will be happening during the day on Saturday. To be honest – Play Testing!

Even as much fun as we have had creating the game, we have even more fun playing it! We are working on the adventure for this weekend as we speak, and for those that are involved locally, be prepared for an exciting adventure full of lore, riddles, and battles – laced in darkness!

Our next update will include an updated Flyer and a link to our Kickstarter. Have a great week!



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Final Touches

0With less than a week before our Kickstarter launch, we are making all the final touches to the Kickstarter page. We have had lots of support from gaming stores, individuals, and gamers from across the United States and the world! We have had many small business express interest in helping us spread the world about VOID Tabletop Roleplaying Game, excited by our design and concept!

If you have not watched the introduction of our Kickstarter Video, you can find it in the previous post. The game will likely launch late on March 01, 2014, in the evening CST. You will notice that we have added information about the Creators, a Contact page, additional Tools, and a Supporter Page that will soon include the many supporters from Kickstarter! Stay tuned!!


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Dual-Wielding Myechs – VOIDRPG UPDATE

The New Year is here and we are juggling multiple tasks like unbalanced swords. One wrong move and you may very well loose a finger or even a hand! [For those of you that do not know, a myech is a sword found in the game of VOID.]

In all truth, it is not entirely that bad – as we feel that we have prepared for the release of VOID Tabletop Roleplaying Game. Dedicated effort and time has gone into the development of this project, but it is far from over! We apologize to close family and friends that have barely seen our smiling faces. We assure you that we are still smiling … beneath the full-fledged beards. We may have forgotten to shave!

We did add our Logo to its own page on the site, for those of you that have not seen it on our Facebook! We ask that people like our Facebook page and share it please! We need more follower counts to see the activity on the page! You can like in the column to your right on WordPress or go to Facebook and click that Like Button! [Thank you in advance!]

The To-Do list has been updated, which feels like a fresh breath of air this morning. It is pleasant to cross items off the list and outline the next steps. With March 1, 2014, less than 60 days away, there is a great deal still to be done before releasing the project on Kickstarter. It is our hope that the supportive fans are as excited as we are! We could not do this without you!


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Lowering the Drawbridge

Additional play testing is scheduled with local gamers next week in about ten days away! At that time, we will be bringing people into our “castle” – the drawbridge is about to be lowered! We are preparing the material day and night to make sure that we have enough information for the players to enjoy the game. This is very exciting! [It is also extremely stressful!]

The past week has had a lot of focus placed on the Sorcery chapter. Sorcery always seems to be the most challenging concept in any tabletop RPG – at least, that we have ever played! It has additional restraints and rules. Its complexity often leads some gamers [especially new players in tabletop] to play the steady warrior type. We are working diligently to minimize that complexity in VOID. This way characters that dabble in the craft or are defined purely as magic-users are able to play with the same ease as the typical swordsman.

[Remember that VOID has no Class system. Terminology here is simply for a better understanding.]

Sorcery is a very exciting element for us in VOID. It adds a lot of variety to game play, where spells are developed from your own imagination. There are some limitations to range, attack speed, and damage (similar to when you use physical weapons), but the overall freedom of spellcasting is very cool!

The week has also been spent in developing The Bestiary. At this time, we have 18 unique monsters that have not been seen [to our knowledge] in any other gaming system. We will eventually add in some generic animals and other monsters that fit with the world to be accessed as well. We are still working on pets, familiars, and summoning lists. 

Most of yesterday was spent making adjustments to the character sheet. This is a very challenging process, especially for a new game. I think we have been surprised at the challenge of creating a user-friendly character sheet that provides the information needed to play the game without having to flip through a manual of rules. With that being said, our core rulebook is over 50,000 words, full of charts, tables and graphs – and is still expanding. Its an impressive looking document to say the least, but honestly, it is in desperate need of art. That will come after the Kickstarter project has funded. And I know, we still haven’t provided the release date. Soon…soon…


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