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Kickstarter Update – Raise Your Tankard and Cheer

Hello Voiders (I always wanted to say that)!

With 19 day left of the campaign, we are honestly not where we would like to be to feel comfortable. With 33% of the campaign completed, we are sitting around 18% funding to complete the illustrations for VOID. We are finding that we are incredibly limited in the PR area, since we are 2 guys managing everything. Luckily, we have had some great support in spreading word from loyal backers and followers of this blog!!

svetWith that being said, we are excited that we have passed the $1000 mark on the Kickstarter campaign!! There is still plenty of time to raise the full funds, but we will likely need the support of our backers to help us reach the final goal.

We are humbly requesting assistance to doing what you can to spread the word. Every dollar literally helps! Remember Kickstarter does not withdraw money unless we meet our funding. The video explaining how Kickstarter works is at the bottom of our Project Page in case you are unaware.

We would like to share that we did have another interview completed HERE. It was wonderful meeting with Krazy Ivan and answering some of his very difficult questions.

We will have some other interviews hopefully posted this week! We will keep you updated as they become available.


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Call to Arms – VOID Kickstarter




We currently have 19 backers and over $500 dollars towards completion on our Kickstarter Project in 4 days! This has been due to the great support of our WordPress community and Facebook community. We are looking forward to having more communities join us as we attempt to complete funding to finish the illustrations for the free PDF.

Featured Image -- 552

With 26 days left, we realize that we need to make some major strides to meet our funding goal, especially if we want to consider the current stretch goals [as well as those that we have not yet posted]. With nearly 250 followers on our blog, we are asking the community from WordPress to help us continue to spread the word! We are hoping that with such a great community, we can really make this project succeed!


Stay tuned this week for some exciting interviews coming up! We will continue to provide updates for VOID Tabletop Roleplaying Game!


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Updates Made on Kickstarter

We have added additional information on Kickstarter! Check it out!

Thank you everyone [on WordPress and beyond] that has already backed us and has supported us! Please continue to share the video and Kickstarter! We would like to be 30% funded by the end of the week!


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There is less than 24 hours left before launch! Thank you everyone for your support up to this point. Again, Here is the intro to the Kickstarter video. You will be able to see the full video, explaining the game concepts and showing new art concepts for the Bestiary tomorrow. Special thanks to our illustrators, financial advisers, and Kickstarter adviser, Editor, and all those that have contributed to help us make it this far!!



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Is It Saturday Yet?

Uvil_finalThe anticipation for the release on Saturday is unreal! It is crazy to think that in just a few days the Kickstarter will be launched. The full video is uploaded, the infographics are created, the stretch goals are completed, the explanations are finalized, and the reward levels are listed. We hope that the community is excited for what we have put together. We do want to say that we are thrilled about the reward levels, as we fully bring fans into our world and gaming experience!!

The amount of time, energy, and so forth that has been put into this project has been beautifully spent. The only thing that has not happened – sleep! [We imagine that will not happen for a while still.]

As mentioned, we are launching the game Saturday evening. You may wonder what will be happening during the day on Saturday. To be honest – Play Testing!

Even as much fun as we have had creating the game, we have even more fun playing it! We are working on the adventure for this weekend as we speak, and for those that are involved locally, be prepared for an exciting adventure full of lore, riddles, and battles – laced in darkness!

Our next update will include an updated Flyer and a link to our Kickstarter. Have a great week!



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Kickstarter Video Sneak Peak

As promised, we have included the first 1:30 seconds of our Kickstarter Video. This may or may not be the final (fairly likely though).

We are very excited about how everything is piecing together, with only about 8 or 9 days left until launch! We are determined to meet funding so that we can release this game as a free PDF.

Please share and spread the word about VOID Tabletop Roleplaying Game. We really appreciate the support that everyone on WordPress has given us since September when we started this website. We have had over 3,000 views and over 200 comments. We would have never thought that so many people would be as excited as we are to create this game!!

The art is completed by Joanna Barnum.

The cartography is completed by Josephe Vandel.

The music is created by Adrian Von Ziegler.


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Tell Us Your Kickstarter Reward Level Ideas!

Fear not! We are still here and active, fellow bloggers and gamers and connoisseurs of edibles. Our core rulebook continues to be in the hands of others, being ridiculed and criticized and, all the while, perfected for your consumption. In the meantime, we are preparing for Kickstarter, throwing knives at the wall, and singing ballads of adventures yet to be had.

In all seriousness, we are looking at putting some final layers on the mechanics in the next couple of weeks and reviewing base mechanics again to assure balance and play-ability (fairly sure that I just made up that word).

In the meantime, we are looking at what rewards we want on Kickstarter and thought that we would ask the folks here what they would like to see available? Since this is primarily a crowd-funding project, we would like for it to be fan-generated! Give us your suggestions!

We are also still looking for people that would like to play test with us online or play test with their own groups. Please e-mail us at For those that have messaged us, we have you in the queue until we have enough numbers to play. We will be getting back with you!


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Balvoc’s Story – Flash Fiction #7

Weeks turned into months. Balvoc trekked across the desert and into the grasslands of northern Marharia. Frequently, he released the pigeons and followed them until he no longer could hold the pace. The land became more familiar as he raced across the landscape. He knew this world. He knew the North.

Balvoc released another pigeon with the rising of the sun. It fluttered into the air and flapped its wings to the Northwest. Balvoc followed. The pigeon only flew for about half an hour before Balvoc saw it land in the distance over a small hill.

He had found the place. Now, if only Maruda was alive. He hoped that Rujan, the God of War and Glory, blessed him this day

Balvoc was aware that the Svet were not known for their stealth, so he did not even try to sneak upon the base camp over the hill. With a snarl, he raced towards the hill. His labrys was clutched in his right hand and the crossbow loaded in his left.

As he climbed the hill, his vision fell on the makeshift camp near an outline of scattered trees. Five Anshedar men sat around the fire, eating their morning meal and laughing heartily. Their bedrolls were still scattered about the area. Their weapons were nowhere near their hand.

Balvoc’s eyes laid upon Maruda. She was down on her knees, collapsed on the ground, weak and thinner than he had ever seen her. Her dark skin was pale. Maruda’s head was dipped towards the ground as though she barely had the strength to lift it. The female Svet heaved and coughed as though sickness had been with her for weeks without remedy.

His wife was alive!

A deep-seeded roar unleashed from his throat, deeper than the dark caverns of the Kras, deeper than the depths of the Netherworld. He bolted down the hill with full intent of laying waste to the human scum.

“Maruda!” he cried. “For glory!”

The Anshedar threw their heads up about the same time that he released the bolt from the crossbow. It tore into the neck of the man on the left, causing him to spew his breakfast to the ground with the blood that erupted from his mouth.

“To arms!” One cried.

And already, Balvoc was upon him with unmatched speed against the two-legged fools that dared cross the centaur. Balvoc hit the first man that stood with his horns, crunching bone, and laying him back down. His feet trampled the man as he swung the labrys towards another. The weapon hit its mark with deadly accuracy, slicing through the underbelly. The Anshedar’s guts spilled like spoiled wine across the green grasses of the northland.

Another human managed to grip his sword, and came at Bulvac with full force. The centaur dropped his crossbow and grabbed the man’s arm that swung the weapon. He pulled the man off his feet, dislocating the arm, and sunk his sharpened fangs into the man’s face with the ferocity of a savage beast. His cries were cut short before the weapon clanged upon the ground.

“Die, Svet!” the last Anshedar screamed, firing a bolt into Balvoc’s stomach.

Bulvac resounded in pain, jerking the sharp projectile from his body, and stamping towards the ignorant pile of sheepdip. He raised the labrys and ran the man through before he could nock another arrow.

“Balvoc,” Maruda whispered faintly.

Balvoc fell to his wife’s side, his touch grazing by the severed fingers of her hand, and touching her face with the gentleness of a falling leaf, “I’m here, my love. I’m here.”


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Dual-Wielding Myechs – VOIDRPG UPDATE

The New Year is here and we are juggling multiple tasks like unbalanced swords. One wrong move and you may very well loose a finger or even a hand! [For those of you that do not know, a myech is a sword found in the game of VOID.]

In all truth, it is not entirely that bad – as we feel that we have prepared for the release of VOID Tabletop Roleplaying Game. Dedicated effort and time has gone into the development of this project, but it is far from over! We apologize to close family and friends that have barely seen our smiling faces. We assure you that we are still smiling … beneath the full-fledged beards. We may have forgotten to shave!

We did add our Logo to its own page on the site, for those of you that have not seen it on our Facebook! We ask that people like our Facebook page and share it please! We need more follower counts to see the activity on the page! You can like in the column to your right on WordPress or go to Facebook and click that Like Button! [Thank you in advance!]

The To-Do list has been updated, which feels like a fresh breath of air this morning. It is pleasant to cross items off the list and outline the next steps. With March 1, 2014, less than 60 days away, there is a great deal still to be done before releasing the project on Kickstarter. It is our hope that the supportive fans are as excited as we are! We could not do this without you!


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Tentative Kickstarter Date Announced – March 1st, 2014!

VOID Followers [I feel like we need a good name for supporters!]

We are pleased to announce that our tentative Kickstarter release date will be March 1, 2014. We were hoping to start the Kickstarter a bit earlier, but we do not want to rush in delivering this game. As we have said over and over again, it is important to us that the game is done correctly. Unlike some Kickstarter projects, we want our book essentially finished in content and layout before releasing the Kickstarter campaign. [We've seen projects that have released and they haven't even started working on the core rulebook!]

Do not fret if you are eager to get more information on the game before that time! We are looking at taking the next two weeks and revamping some pages on this website to give more information. There are some talks about updating world information, presenting some of the initial concepts of character sheets and player tools used during gaming, and some initial looks at weapons/armor and magic! At this time, we are over 150 pages in the core rulebook, so we are going to start releasing some of that information to you!

It is going to be a very busy couple of weeks, as we start scheduling some additional test-playing sessions with local groups. We have spent some time making adjustments to mechanics and clarity in the book, and we are excited to push forward. We imagine that there will be some additional tweaking in the next couple of months.

In the meantime, we would like to encourage all of you to continue to follow the blog and our Facebook. Keep us motivated! It’s crunch time!


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