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VOID RPG – Free Flow Sorcery Basics Explained

Here is a quick overview of some of the basics of the sorcery system. We will uploading this to the Kickstarter shortly



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Kickstarter Update – Raise Your Tankard and Cheer

Hello Voiders (I always wanted to say that)!

With 19 day left of the campaign, we are honestly not where we would like to be to feel comfortable. With 33% of the campaign completed, we are sitting around 18% funding to complete the illustrations for VOID. We are finding that we are incredibly limited in the PR area, since we are 2 guys managing everything. Luckily, we have had some great support in spreading word from loyal backers and followers of this blog!!

svetWith that being said, we are excited that we have passed the $1000 mark on the Kickstarter campaign!! There is still plenty of time to raise the full funds, but we will likely need the support of our backers to help us reach the final goal.

We are humbly requesting assistance to doing what you can to spread the word. Every dollar literally helps! Remember Kickstarter does not withdraw money unless we meet our funding. The video explaining how Kickstarter works is at the bottom of our Project Page in case you are unaware.

We would like to share that we did have another interview completed HERE. It was wonderful meeting with Krazy Ivan and answering some of his very difficult questions.

We will have some other interviews hopefully posted this week! We will keep you updated as they become available.


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Did Anyone Know It Was Thursday?

Featured Image -- 557

This has been an exhausting week! Although we barely know what day it is, we wanted to wish everyone a good evening and an excellent weekend. We have made some excellent connections and some lasting friendships through this experience. That is worth more than anything!

We are going to do some interviews this weekend, and schedule some more for the week. We are also working on a couple of surprises that we are very excited to tell you about (hopefully, by Sunday). We have 29 backers currently at around $627. We are still below our targeted goal but we are hoping that we get back on track this week. We are truly hopeful that we can reach the funding goal so that we can move forward! We don’t know about you guys, but we are ready to get back to some flash fiction!!!

We cannot say it enough. Thank all of you for your support, thoughts, and considerations for us. We each are likely suffering from a Sanity drain and could potentially use a potion to get back on track. Thanks to those that have helped spread the word about the project. We will be in touch!

For now, we have to find a pillow and a blanket. It will be nice to sleep for more than 3 or 4 hours.


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Call to Arms – VOID Kickstarter




We currently have 19 backers and over $500 dollars towards completion on our Kickstarter Project in 4 days! This has been due to the great support of our WordPress community and Facebook community. We are looking forward to having more communities join us as we attempt to complete funding to finish the illustrations for the free PDF.

Featured Image -- 552

With 26 days left, we realize that we need to make some major strides to meet our funding goal, especially if we want to consider the current stretch goals [as well as those that we have not yet posted]. With nearly 250 followers on our blog, we are asking the community from WordPress to help us continue to spread the word! We are hoping that with such a great community, we can really make this project succeed!


Stay tuned this week for some exciting interviews coming up! We will continue to provide updates for VOID Tabletop Roleplaying Game!


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Kickstarter Launched


Our Kickstarter has launched!!! You can find our campaign at (or you can click the Kickstarter image in the corner of the page)!

We welcome your support and your feedback as we begin the crowd-funding process for VOID Tabletop Roleplaying Game! Thank you so much for Tweeting, Facebook-ing, Reblogging, and all other forms of sharing our game with the world! We could not do this without you!

We have also updated the Flyer for any that would like to share it in your local gaming stores. We have had many post this already around the USA and would love to have additional support in spreading the word about our efforts with VOID.

We hope you enjoy our project page, reward levels, and are excited about our stretch goals!


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What are We Doing?

Okay. So, I just typed out a complete post and it magically disappeared after I published it. That was an awkward moment. I will try again.

It has been about 5 days since our last post. I know that we gave fair warning that we would be slowing down between posts to work on the core rulebook, but we really enjoy talking to our followers on WordPress. Because face it, you guys rock! You may be wondering what we have been up to.

Most of our days are spent writing, editing, and re-editing on the core rulebook. In the past week, we have brought on a consultant for Kickstarter that is assisting in preparing our release of VOID. We are looking at specific regarding time, process, policy, and the overall outline of our Kickstarter project. We are more than welcoming of suggestions regarding what you would like to see in our Kickstarter project! Please let us know.

We are looking at starting intense play-testing by the end of next month. It is hoped that the core rulebook will be close to completion by that time period. We have already started forming local gaming groups together for the first batch. It was important to us to have a face-to-face interaction [in person] for the first rounds of play-testing. We are thinking that it is very possible that we might set up some additional play-testing across the internet with some followers of our social media websites. We have had some interested parties!

With that being said, I wanted to thank all those that have followed our Facebook, Twitter, and mention us in their personal social media and blogs! We have noticed increased traffic and that is largely due to the voice of those that share excitement in releasing VOID. The support of the community has also helped push us in making VOID available to all of you. If for any reason you have mentioned us, please leave a comment and let us know. We want to give credit where credit is due!



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New Pages on VOID

We are brimming with excitement as we continue to make strides towards developing this project. We have talked with illustrators and will hopefully have some updates within the next couple weeks regarding advancements in illustration. We are currently looking for talented musicians to compose some background music for our Kickstarter video that we will be developing. If any followers have ideas, please share! We also have some song lyrics written that need voice and music talent that can be loaded to our websites. If you would be interested or know of someone that would like the challenge, contact us!!

You may have noticed that we have added two new pages to this website. There is the Races page that includes our six different races [Anshedar, Arkono, Kras, Svet, Stuhia, and Uvil]. These are the preliminary choices that players will be able to choose from in our world when playing VOID.  We will update you if and when any additional races make the final cut for the core rulebook. Discussions are taking place regarding a couple other concepts as we speak! As promised the Kingdoms of Men page has been restored with updated information regarding the specific Kingdoms of the Anshedar.

Please keep in mind that these snippets on the blog are sneak peaks of what will be in the final version of our core rulebook. Most of these chapters have already been written and defined. The full descriptions that include explanations of culture, religion, appearance, and so forth will be in the final game when it is released.

Thanks so much for the continued support. Please be sure to like our Facebook and follow our Twitter. Stay tuned for an updated Fan Flash Fiction tomorrow!


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